Sitting can be too dangerous for health. Even researchers have proved it that sitting for prolonged periods comes with a lot of adverse health issues. It changes our posture, and when we sit for long hours, it increases the chances of cancer as the cells do not get activated. It makes us very lethargic and lazy. So the below paragraph illustrates the benefits of standing at your desk vs sitting.

Benefits Of Standing At Your Desk

So a new system of standing at your desk is taking the world by storm, especially in our workplace. It is better in many ways as it corrects our posture and doesn’t hurt our back. When we sit for a long duration, our backbone deforms, and our body bends in an inappropriate manner which hampers our body structure. Standing and sitting may not seem to be a significant issue at present stage but it would affect a lot in future as standing reduces obesity risk. It burns a lot of calories and one form of an exercise. It gives us a longer life by reducing the chances of cancer. It also reduces eye strain as nowadays laptops and desktops are the main components to work in every office so the computer screen must be set appropriately just above the eye level to reduce strain. So in overall it increases our core strength and gives us a better posture – and better physical health will lead to better mental health, with less stress.

These were the benefits of standing at your desk vs sitting, and at this moment we can conclude that we should start focusing on standing desk thereby increasing our mortality. But before starting suddenly, we should take care of some consideration.

How To Start Using A Standing Desk

Start slowly: changing sitting hours from six to zero in an overnight may cause a problem, so we need to start this at a pace of tortoise that is at the first day we will stand for 20-25 minutes and just add the minutes according to our day. Sudden use of standing desk for long hours can hurt ankles, toes and hips.

Use of gripped shoes: while standing one must consider the floor in which he or she is standing that uses a mat so that it doesn’t hurt your ankles, knees and hips.

Placement of computer screen: it must be set right that is it should be fixed 15 to 20 inches from the eye level. In this way, it reduces eye strain.

Necessary movement: we need to move while working otherwise continuous sitting and standing can be a bit problematic. So daily exercise for few minutes and not to continue the same position for a more extended period. Movement is must part while working as it relaxes the body and keeps one always feel fresh and live throughout the day.

Studies and research have proven that bodies benefit from merely standing up, contracting muscles and movement of the body. So to avoid all the adverse health effects, you just need to adopt this method as soon as possible. Better late than never. You should find that standing throughout the day should give you more energy to get out and exercise.