Many times when you work at an organization with other people, including the boss, there a lot of feelings that make you want to work eagerly or, on the other hand, take away your enthusiasm and proactivity. Some experts call this “morale in the workplace”, which is the frame of mind of an individual or a community when it comes to what it intends to achieve, either individually or as a group. Morale can make people more productive and happy at work or make them feel miserable and considerably decrease their productivity.

As you may know, there are several factors that influence the mood of a group of people, or even just one person, affecting the way they do their job, relate to their coworkers or respond to the goals of the company. Sometimes a worker might feel neglected, or underappreciated, sometimes a person or the entire team feels like the job doesn´t make any substantial contribution to the aims of the organization. Or on the contrary, the group is enthusiastic and motivated to do their job the best they can because they feel like an important piece of a well-oiled machine and the relationships are pleasant, respectful and proactive. You might be asking now what can you do to get this environment in your company, so keep reading because we are about to tell you how to boost morale in the workplace.

Elements that influence the morale at work

Many people are investigating right now the factors that get in the game of boosting or decrease the morale of the workers, but there are two things that always come up from these studies, and they are group cohesion and the establishment of common goals. Let´s see what they are about.

  • Group cohesion or “feeling like a team”:

    to every person that has ever worked, it has always been important to be a part of a group. Humans are social beings, so feeling like a member of a small or big community that works together and brings support to each other is a great and encouraging way to make people content about their jobs and the work environment. The composition of the team is regularly promoted by someone in a supervisor position that brings the communication channels and the confidence for the employees to relate to each other in a healthy, productive and even fun way. Respect, consideration and validation of the effort and contribution of each member are very important to get the team together and increase common and individual productivity and happiness.

  • Establishment of common goals or “the reason why I do this”:

    Having meaning in our actions is one of the most frequent needs that everybody has ever felt. That is the reason why it is so important to be able to participate in some way in the establishment of the objectives and goals that the team will try to achieve for the organization. But not only knowing the goals is key to feeling our job is meaningful, but it is also vital to have some way to check that the effort we are doing is getting somewhere. Indicators of the accomplishment of goals are one way to measure the progress and encourage people to keep the good work as a team.

Getting to know more about the morale of your team

There are several ways to know how people are feeling and what they think about the workplace in general, as well as knowing specifically about their relationships with coworkers, the sense of belonging to the organization, and the level of commitment to the common goals, among other indicators of morale at work. If you want to know about the morale of your team, the first thing that has to be in good shape is the communication channel between coworkers, between employees and supervisors, and between you and all those people we have mentioned. So getting to know about the level of satisfaction among the people who work with you could be of great help.

It is possible to interview some people, in a friendly way, about their thoughts and feelings about all the matters described in the previous section of this article. This interview should be more like a conversation to learn about feelings, fears, expectations and joys that they get from doing their job. It is also important to talk about the way the person feels with the other members of the team and how this feeling affects the work environment for him or her. If the levels of confidence and the communication channels are optimal, you could promote a team discussion instead of an individual interview with the same purposes.

Taking action to boost morale

Once you have known the state of morale among the employees you can start a plan to make it increase, to make each member of your team happy and proactive:

  • Communicate:

    Letting coworkers know the goals and objectives of the company, as well as working together to establish them, is vital to increase morale. Also to approach them and talk about the highlights of their work and kindly supporting the improvement of their performance on the tasks that still don’t get the standard set by the organization.

  • Celebrate achievements:

    It would be really nice to have some creative ways to celebrate the accomplishment of the objectives of the team, or the success of the members in getting things done in the best way possible. It gives the employee satisfaction of the recognition of the well-done job and encourages the team to get celebrated more and more.

  • Increase the knowledge of the team:

    Have you thought about how it would be to start some training courses or workshops for the members of the team? It could be a real morale booster because learning more is always refreshing and fulfilling for almost everybody. It helps improve skills and performance for the job they are doing, and therefore, it also increases productivity.

  • Bond with social activities:

    It is also important to promote some kind of social activity or team building game to let the team interact in a different environment and in a different situation than going to work. These activities provide the means to see each other as people with feelings, families and life projects just like ours and to understand each other as what we are: humans.

We have to remember that working should not be an imposed obligation for the need to get the money to survive or have access to products. On the contrary, working must be a creative expression of the capacities of the human being and a way to develop them in a productive and pleasant environment. So let´s boost the morale at the workplace to get ourselves to be fulfilled, happy and productive human beings.

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