It is undeniable that the leadership and future of every country are dependent on its youth. If a country’s youth has high crime rate, it is inevitable that the country’s future will be very bleak. However, all is not lost for these young children, as rehabilitation and education can help these children back to a lawful and bright future. It is entirely crucial that a country’s culture should be all-rounded and helps children develop physically, mentally and emotionally- and not just be exam-smart. This kind of education will be able to nurture a mature and logical generation of youth, who will then be able to build a brighter future for the country and lead the nation in more successful endeavors. One of the methods to ensure the youth of a country has sufficient all-rounded knowledge is to plan out team building activities for students.

Benefits Of Team Building Activities

Team building activities are beneficial to businesses and students in a multitude of ways, including helping them communicate better with other people and to help them maintain a positive attitude during challenging times. Besides that, team building activities are a great way of letting students have a taste of working together with others as a team, which will help them in their careers and social interactions with other people. Everyone could take away a different valuable lesson from team building exercises, as everyone has a different perspective on various activities. Regardless, it is agreed upon that team building exercises will be able to help everybody, especially the youth, to grow and develop.

Fun Team Building Activities For Students

Train For An Obstacle Race

OCR races like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder will test your mental and physical limits. Training for one on your own is a big obstacle, as some people have a hard time staying self motivated. But if you can get a training team together, you can hold each other accountable and learn from each other. The bonding that will take place during training and especially during the actual race will last a lifetime. OCR Insight has great tips for obstacle course training.

Newspaper Towers

Among the many team building exercises that could be carried out is ‘Newspaper Towers.’ It is a simple game, requiring only newspapers, staplers, tape, and rulers. At the beginning of the game, students are split into groups, and each group has a standardized budget. The budget can then be used by the team to buy newspapers, staplers and other materials. The objective of the game is to build the tallest newspaper tower within the given budget. Students would then have to be able to split the work evenly between them and discuss various creative ideas to build the tower.

Here is newspaper towers in action:

Picture Pieces

Another team building exercise that is beneficial to students is known as ‘Picture Pieces.’ All this game requires is a single picture, preferably laminated, that is cut up into various shapes and sizes. For a more difficult game,mostly the image is cut up into more pieces and in a more jagged fashion. The model is then presented to the students, whose objective is to put together the picture in the shortest amount of time.It would help students to gain communication skills and challenge their ability to think critically to piece together the puzzle.

Why You Should Consider Team Building Activities For Kids

All in all, team building activities are one of the best ways to ensure that students have an all-rounded education, as different events will require different skills from students. These activities are also considered as fun and enjoyed by students, which will also help them in being more open to learning new skills. In conclusion, team building activities for students are a great way to help the youth develop extra skills.